Return Policy

Any item that shows signs of damage, wear and tear, alterations, resizing (by a jeweler other than will not be accepted under this policy. The product must be the same as shown on the website with all the supporting paperwork. Product will not be accepted under this policy if Tag of “Non Returnable If Torn” is removed. You are eligible for an exchange on for 100% of the purchase value under 30 days return policy. In case the exchanged value is higher than the value of the old product, the customer will have to pay the difference between the new product chosen and the amount paid towards the old product. In case the exchanged value is lesser than the value of the old product, the difference will be held as a credit for future purchase. One order can be exchanged only once, after that it will go under Lifetime Exchange Policy.  

Product return will be accepted in case of damage on receipt or difference in product design from that on the website. If the customer still wishes to take a refund, a 10% deduction on the product value will be applicable.

This excludes any product that has been designed through our bespoke service, i.e. designed exclusively for our client by through customization, including engravings, removal of tag; logo etc. in such cases only lifetime exchange policy will be applicable.

Loose Solitaire Diamond / Gemstones and Gold Coins or Bars and Frames are not covered under 30 Day Return policy. This feature is not available for International Orders (Orders that will be shipped abroad from India). All Candere jewellery comes with an IGI©, GIA©, HKD© or EGL© appraisal certificate and must be returned with the certificate. If the certificate is not returned, your refund will be reduced by the amount of the replacement cost. If you do not have the certificate, let us know so we can quote you the exact price for the replacement. 

Refund Policy

Cancellation or change of products will be accepted only within 24 hours of placing an order. Post 24 hours a Cancellation Fee of 10% on the final product price would be deducted from the paid amount and the difference will be refunded.
Cancellation of Gold coins/bars, frames, customized jewellery, gift cards and loose solitaires will not be accepted under any circumstances. Incase of EMI order, foreclosure/default customer will be charged 10% of the order value as the transaction fees and the balance amount after deducting the transaction fees would be refunded. We may, at its sole discretion, request the Customer to pay a percentage of the value of the transaction as an advance at the time of placing the order. The balance payment for the order shall be paid by the Customer at the time of delivery of the product. Failure to pay the balance amount at the time of the delivery of the product shall be treated as a cancellation of the order. We  may, at its sole discretion, reserves the rights to cancel any particular order. Some situations that may result in your order being canceled or refused are –
(i) Limitations on quantities available for purchase.
(ii) Inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information. We may also require additional verifications or information before accepting any order.
All Refunds shall be done by the way of an online bank transfer to the customer’s bank account within the 10 days of receipt of the product. If the mode of payment is through online debit/credit cards/net banking, the refund will be processed by reversal of previous transaction. 
In cases of refunds under 30 days return, refund is subject to quality confirmation by our skilled quality assurance team and verification of product documents like insurance certificate, original invoice and product certificate.
The money back amount will be 100% of actual amount paid. In case, any Coupon, Discount or Promo Codes were used during the original purchase, the exchange amount will be reduced by an amount equivalent to the Coupon, Discount or Promo Codes, as applicable. Part payments received against customised jewellery are not refunded.

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